This is the Community Garden Festival:

THE SEED BOX COMMUNITY GARDEN is a festival garden of imaginative and scholarly diversity and delight!

THE SEED BOX COMMUNITY GARDEN festival showcases The Seed Box’s latest research offerings and present panel discussions, debates, keynotes, workshops, music, art and live-works.

THE SEED BOX COMMUNITY GARDEN festival platform designed by Stockholm-based Konst & Teknik studio to reflect and activate the collaboration and cross-fertilisation of a community garden….dig around the site’s planting beds for lively ideas and discussion or rummage for tools and inspiration in the garden shed.

THE SEED BOX COMMUNITY GARDEN FESTIVAL — in the spirit of a harvest festival — was a five-day gathering of the environmental humanities community to celebrate our work and take stock of the incredible and diverse research carried out during The Seed Box phase 2.



FEBRUARY 7–11 • 2022


Presented by the SeedBox