Wed Feb 9 11:00

The Power Lies in the Tissue

By Camila Marambio

A video assemblage of documentation from a joint lecture with immunologist Polly Matzinger and Camila Marambio, edited by Katja Aglert and Camila Marambio.

As part of her research and writing process, Camila Marambio creates situations for herself and her collaborators from across the globe to discuss, perform and further explore their crossing overs in relation to the study of vitality, mortality, aging, and cancer. The public lecture between Camila and Polly Matzinger that is shown here in the form of a video assemblage was held at the Royal Institute of Art in the fall of 2021.

Since February 2021, Camila Marambio has been a postdoc fellow of The Seed Box: A Mistra Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory at Linköping University, hosted by the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Camila is currently working on her forthcoming book, Sandcastles, Figuring Planetary Ethics, co-authored with the gender studies scholar and poet Nina Lykke.

Camila Marambio and Polly Matzinger in their joint lecture at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, 2021.

Photo: Katja Aglert



FEBRUARY 7–11 • 2022


Presented by the SeedBox