Wed Feb 9 14:45

Temporal Walkshop, Counterclocks, and The lecture

By Curating Time

With a base in critical feminist posthumanism Curating Time problematizes the anthropocentric focus in many heritage policies and strategies and probes into the technocratic politicization of the long-term, here explored through digital exhibitions and a lecture.

From the Curating Time project comes a manifold of interventions:

The Temporal Workshop

The Temporal Workshop is an exhibition problematizing time and temporalities that are gathering up around the garbage incinerator at Linköping and discuss archaeological/geological temporal scales of coordination and care between generations. Here, project leader Christina Fredengren takes you on a guided tour:


The exhibition Counterclocks work with a similar material and highlights based on Pschezt & Bastian (2017) how a place can be read as counterclocks that craves for attention and synchronization.

Curtating Time — The Lecture

Curating Time — The Lecture, with Caroline Owman, proceeds and studies actual museum settings – here the State Historical Museums are in focus particularly the The Royal Armory. The process of museificationfrom retrieval, conservation and display is followed, and intervened in to create a counter curatorial. We ask questions around:

  • What types of temporal relations/chronotopes is implicated in the selected museum exhibitions?

  • How would a curatorial approach that focuses on relations between human and non-human others provide an alternative to the anthropocentrism in the heritage sector, in ways that heeds a range of material and immaterial actors to inspire new types of museum ecologies?

  • How can time and temporalities, life and decay be curated in more affirmative and productive ways?

  • How could such temporal relations be re-thought and this be captured in exhibitions and museum collections in new ways?



FEBRUARY 7–11 • 2022


Presented by the SeedBox