Tue Feb 8 09:00

Can Science Save Us?

By The Community Garden Keynotes

A keynote with Oron Catts and Audrey Samson, moderated by Susan Reid

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Can science save us? From promises of geoengineering, to a fetishization of techno-climate fixes, to Western science’s entanglement in colonialism and capitalism, science’s value in a time of climate catastrophe is not straightforward. As environmental humanities practitioners, how should we orient ourselves towards science?

Estimated running time: 75 min


Audrey Samson is an artist, currently resident of ACME Studios as a member of the duo FRAUD. She leads the Digital Arts Computing programme and is a lecturer in Fine Arts (Critical Studies) in the Art Department at Goldsmiths, University of London. She explores the intersections of technology and ecology.
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Oron Catts is the co-founder and the Director of , The Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts, School of Human Sciences, The University of Western Australia. He is an artist, researcher and curator who in 1996 pioneered the use of living tissue as a medium for artistic expression.

Sue Reid is a team member with The Seed Box and a creative researcher, artist, lawyer, and PhD candidate with The University of Sydney. Sue's work engages the intersections of extractivism, ecological subjectivity, and multi-being justice. Her current research develops a framework concept of ocean justice.



FEBRUARY 7–11 • 2022


Presented by the SeedBox