February 7


Mon 00:01Multi-material • By SYMBIOTICA

(De)Cycle live data stream

Bringing the farm to the lab and the lab to the farm, this project considers whether the means of production will grow ever distant from Nature. Will this metabolic rift be the precursor to open and sustainable food systems?


Mon 09:00Video • By The Seed Box


to The Community Garden!

The Seed Box management and The Seed Box board, the festival organizers, and Linköping University wish you all warmly welcome to the Community Garden Festival with a video about our hopes for the festival


Mon 10:00Keynote • By The Community Garden Keynotes

Bridging Borders

A keynote with Lesley Green, Matthew Fuller, and Shela Sheikh, moderated by Nina Lykke.


Mon 13:00Podcast • By Fossil Fuel Entanglements

Transition Talks

Podcast Launch

Transition Talks is a podcast based on interviews and conversations where people talk about what it means to transition to a fossil-free society. It is part of the project Just transformation: The places, politics and ethics of fossil free society. Transition talks focuses on Lysekil which is home to Scandinavia’s largest oil refinery.


Mon 14:00Video • By Our Story

Esmeralda och Draken

A Theatre Performance for children

Esmeralda och Draken (in Swedish with English subtitles) is a video documentation of a theatre performance for children, and on children’s terms addresses issues of sustainable development, Agenda 2030 and the UN Global Goals.


Mon 15:00Sound • By Lene Asp Frederiksen

Flora Colonica: Traveling Archives

audio piece

In a sound montage (in Danish and English), tamarinds are used as a prism to unfold stories about co-evolving landscapes. How do tamarind trees function as storied matter? That is as active producers of environments and as co-creators of material archives?


Mon 17:00Panel • By The Community Garden Panel Talks

Environmental Humanities: The State of the Art

A panel with Stacy Alaimo, Eva Lövbrand, Astrida Neimanis, Jesper Olsson and Myra Hird, moderated by Jennifer Hamilton.


Mon 19:00Text • By Camila Marambio

Textual traces, from Delicious Movement

Textual traces by Camila Marambio, from Delicious Movement, a workshop with Eiko Otake.


Mon 20:00Workshop • By Astrida Neimanis

Reading & Seeding

Session 1:3

Join us, live and online, for a Seed Box themed reading group discussion, facilitated by international reading group propogandist Astrida Neimanis.


Mon 23:00Multi-material • By Freethinking, Hesitation, Weirdness

Archive of the weird

Freethinking, Hesitation, Weirdness revolves around a broad array of materials and sources, here collected in a micro archive with many entrances and intersecting trajectories.


FEBRUARY 7–11 • 2022


Presented by the SeedBox